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"We have elected to put our
money and faith in a mathematical
framework that is free of politics
and human error."

— Tyler Winklevoss
CEO Gemini Trust Company, LLC

"Paper money eventually returns
to its intrinsic value: zero."

— Voltaire

"Bitcoin changes absolutely everything,
I don't think there is anything more important
in my lifetime to work on."

— Jack Dorsey

"I do think Bitcoin is the first [encrypted money]
that has the potential to do something
like change the world."

— Peter Thiel

"Innovation is a driving force in financial services,
and digital assets will certainly be a significant
contributor in our industry going forward."

— Bernie Clark
Managing Director Charles Schwab

"The central bank must be trusted not to debase the currency,
but the history of fiat currencies is full of breaches
of that trust and that notion is the issue."

— Satoshi

"The Bitcoin story is very easy, it's supply and demand.
Bitcoin's supply is growing at around 2.5% a year,
and the demand is growing faster than that
and there's going to be a fixed number of them."

— Bill Miller
Mutual Fund Legend

"This is the one asset class in modern history
where average people have had a shot at it before
companies and before hedge funds and before billionaires…"

— Andy Edstrom
Author, “Why Buy Bitcoin”

"And that, dear reader, is the investment thesis
for this new asset class: adding digital assets
to your portfolio can help you obtain higher returns
while actually lowering your investment risk."

— Ric Edelman, CFP
Author “The Truth About Crypto”

KG Advisors is reimagining the future of financial advice. We are now Advisors Crypto™, an SEC Registered Investment Adviser. The private firm is headquartered in Austin, TX and has provided unbiased financial advice since 2013 and is independently owned.