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Changing Times

A comprehensive study by CEG Worldwide of nearly 400 CPA firms nationwide found that “CPA firms that rely on outside providers for their financial services practice are, regardless of size, more successful than the firms with in-house financial services practices… [and] also have substantially higher profit margins.” KG Advisors provides mid-size, multi-partner CPA firms an opportunity to ally with the right outside partner to improve client retention, grow their business, and generate ongoing revenues through the addition of investment advisory services. At the same time, the CPA firm can engage the expertise of KG Advisors to manage the responsibility for portfolio management, client servicing, compliance, and investment account administration.

The CPA-RIA partnership model enables CPA firm owners to leverage the experience, resources, systems and cost controls of KG Advisors to create immediate new business results for their firm with very low upfront investment and minimal time and effort. By outsourcing the investment advisory practice to an experienced ally through our CPA-RIA partnership model, CPAs can protect their existing business, increase the equity value of their firm, generate new revenues, and position themselves as the wholistic one-stop-shop for all their clients financial services needs.

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