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Investment Advice

At KG Advisors, the management of a client`s investment portfolio is based on the client`s investment objectives, preferences, and the expected investment influence of the capital markets and economy. We provide value through the realistic setting of objectives, effective allocation of assets, objective selection of investments within respective asset classes, and systematic reviews and re-balancing of asset classes to account for asset class performance.

Our advice adopts the practice of Modern Portfolio Theory

This premise, whose creators won the Nobel Prize in Economics, champions the notion that the particular asset class that one is invested in accounts for the vast majority - over 90% - of the portfolio`s performance. This finding, based upon extensive research on 91 large pension funds by a prestigious pension fund consulting firm, concluded that the two remaining primary investment strategies - market timing and stock selection - had minimal effects on performance. This led Dr. Markowitz, one of the 3 Nobel Prize recipients, to argue that for every level of risk, there is some optimum combination of asset classes, known as the "Efficient Frontier", that will provide the highest rate of return. Although there are no guarantees in investing, and we cannot promise the highest rate of return, it is this theory that we base our asset management decisions and recommendations. When planning your life and future, you have to think of risk and return in the broadest terms. Risk may not mean losing money, rather it may mean losing opportunities - in financial or personal terms. Reward may be more than making money, it may mean increasing financial independence or enhancing your enjoyment of life.

Minimum Account Size:

KG prefers a $1,000,000 minimum account size. Family or household accounts may be combined to achieve the minimum account size.

Please contact our office at 1-800-542-4916 for a free consultation. We look forward to speaking with you.

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