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Investment Advice

KG Investment Strategies Combine Strategic and Tactical Asset Allocation

At KG Advisors, the management of a client`s investment portfolio is based on the client`s investment objectives, preferences, and the expected investment influence of the capital markets and economy. We provide value by helping you set realistic objectives and through effective allocation of assets, objective selection of investments, and systematic rebalancing of account for optimal performance.

Our Strategic Asset Allocation utilizes Modern Portfolio Theory and remains the cornerstone of our investment process.  Our targeted asset allocations are positioned to respond favorably to a wide range of economic scenarios with the expectation of receiving stable returns over long term periods of normalcy. Our Tactical Asset Allocation reflects investments identified using technical analysis to profit or preserve assets from price momentum, trend following, and crowd behavior.  Combining Strategic and Tactical Investment Strategies enables us to manage portfolios for future opportunity while lowering risk during periods of unforeseen and unpredictable market shocks.

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