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Legacy Planning

"Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Seek and Live Out Your True Purpose

At KG Advisors, one of our primary goals is to help clients achieve or maintain a desired degree of financial independence. Over the past 15 years of working with hundreds of clients, it has become apparent that something unspoken is missing in many people’s lives. Drinking from the cup of affluence can be intoxicating, although eventually the aftertaste is boredom, restlessness and a yearning to move from success to significance. This is where Legacy Planning comes in.

Legacy planning combines money management and dream fulfillment by helping clients clarify their fuller picture and focus on what they truly want to do with the rest of their lives. We regularly meet with people who are beginning to worry they might not have enough time for a bigger dream or greater legacy to be fulfilled—to realize and enjoy that passion that makes them come alive.

Legacy Planning...

...is a life-planning process that guides you as you discover what a life of meaning might look like.

...helps you identify your purposeful life goals, which are used as a personal GPS to arrive at your desired destination.

...acts as a compass that offers adjustments along the way and helps you stay on course to achieve true fulfillment.

...considers your core beliefs, talents, dreams, and the time and freedom in your daily life that allows you to pursue your passions.

Take the Next Step in Your Legacy Planning

Are your ready to:

  1. Identify and realize your dreams
  2. Live from a place of financial, personal and social abundance
  3. Create a lasting legacy that honors your unique contributions

Please contact our office for a free consultation at info@legacyplanning.com.

We look forward to planning and dreaming with you.

Online Legacy Planning Assessment

To capture a picture of your current or projected financial freedom and most powerful legacy based on four specific quadrants—true north, talents, dreams, and margin—we use an online Legacy Planning Assessment.

True North: Consider your personal, unchanging core values and guiding principles—this is your true north. We will help you bring your true north into clear focus.

Talents: Only by knowing and operating from your unique strengths can you achieve excellence. We will explore your unique gifts, abilities, and where you truly excel—your "personal genius.”

Passions: We each have intuitive wisdom that can lead us toward our unique calling. We will explore ways to connect you with goals and dreams that touch your heart, and fill you with expectation and energy.

Margin: The daily stresses of life can make it difficult to create a larger, more exciting tomorrow. We will develop strategies to reduce life’s complexity, increase financial freedom, and create the space you need to pursue your dreams.

Guiding clients toward financial security and a purposeful life.

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