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CPA Partners

KG Advisors is proud to have partnerships with two CPA firms for your accounting needs, Shannon & Associates LLP and Kolkhorst & Kolkhorst CPAs.

Shannon & Associates LLP

Trusted partnerships for peak performance.

"As a locally owned Seattle CPA firm, Shannon & Associates is small enough to take a personal, one-on-one approach to managing your financial needs. Our big-picture business capabilities are designed to offer a comprehensive strategy to handle every aspect of your company’s finances – from accounting and auditing to employee benefits and retirement planning." - Shannon & Associates LLP

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Kolkhorst & Kolkhorst CPAs

The mission of KOLKHORST & KOLKHORST is:

"To provide business and individual clients with the best and most comprehensive accounting services and financial counseling available in the Houston market. To provide services that are specifically and carefully tailored to the particular needs of each individual client. To provide our staff with the proper environment, leadership and resources to insure that our client’s objectives and our employees’ needs are met. To provide these services in an atmosphere that emphasizes professional integrity and stresses the importance of making significant contributions toward the current and future successes of our clients." - KOLKHORST & KOLKHORST CPAs

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