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Your Business
- Our Solutions

KG Advisors is more than a financial planning and investment advisory firm. We pride ourselves in partnering with like-minded advisors in a variety of ways that are intended to help you grow. We understand that being an expert financial advisor in today’s world can be both overwhelming with a ceiling of complexity. Additionally, we know that the value of an advisor community is unmatched in the financial industry.

Simplified Solutions for a Complex Market

Today’s marketplace is very different in comparison to what it was in generations past. The world is a digital place and individuals are significantly savvier when it comes to money management and personal finance. Clients inform us they are looking for a one-stop-shop to handle all of their financial needs and want to be involved in the process. At KG Advisors, we’re building that solution by partnering with advisors and CPAs who specialize in all industries and elements of planning.

Just as we do for our financial planning clients, we want to encourage our advisor and CPA partners to carefully plan their future, their legacy. You have poured your life’s work into growing your business – what kind of mark do you want it to leave when you work, when you retire? KG Advisors can help you identify your core values, your passions, your talents, and your short and long-term business goals – then help you set up a plan to achieve them in partnership with us.

Our RIA Solutions:

Acquisitions & Mergers

KG Advisors helps advisors and CPAs with our acquisition and merger services. The ins and outs of selling your practice is a timely process and may become overwhelming. We have the experience, and can help you through the process while ensuring that the practice you built continues to serve your clients just as you have.

Continuity & Succession Plans

Have you built the ideal team capable of your succession planning needs? KG Advisors can help you put together an effective plan to ensure the continuity of your practice when you’re ready to retire or move on to a new venture. We want your core values and financial planning philosophy to be carried on – we can help you build a lasting legacy.

Strategic Partnerships

You don’t have to go it alone. KG Advisors offers a strategic partnership option to interested registered investment advisors and CPAs. Be a part of a larger community of advisors with access to unique tools and a wide knowledge base. We will help you develop your skillset and hone your practice to ensure growth and success.

We want you to be a part of our forward-thinking community of advisors and CPAs. Please  contact us for more information or schedule a meeting.

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