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Partner Profile

KG Advisors understands the distinct needs of mid-size, multi-partner CPA firms that want to add investment advisory services to their existing practice. The CPA RIA partnership provides the opportunity for immediate revenue, ongoing passive income, increased equity value, and improved client loyalty—all with a comparatively small investment of time and resources to launch the financial advisory practice. This unique business model, combined with state-of-the-art technology and expert capabilities, maximizes the success of a new investment advisory practice.

In addition, CPA firms that have already implemented an in-house financial services practice can significantly increase profitability and refocus their resources on their core competencies by moving to the CPA-RIA business model. Because firms affiliated with a broker/dealer or insurance carrier often face pressure to sell specific investments, the transition to the CPA-RIA partnership model also positions a CPA firm to adhere to a higher fiduciary standard by providing clients with objective financial advice and product recommendations that are in the clients’ best interests.

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